Top Recommendations on Relationships

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One reason we fight in relationships is because men and women are fundamentally different. A man’s sense of self is through achievement, motivated when he feels needed. A woman’s through feelings, motivated when she feels cherished.

The famous author couple take up hilarious issues: Why do women nag, cry, do emotional blackmail and consider the husband’s mother as the ‘other woman’? Why do men always offer solutions, never stop and ask for directions and have such disgusting personal habits?


Prof. Fisher, probably the world’s foremost authority on romance and sexuality, is a trained anthropologist who has put lovers under brain scanners to understand the ‘circuitry of love’. She tells us not only what type of people we might have chemistry with but also how to find, attract and keep them. And, differentiating between infatuation and love.

Who doesn’t fall in love? And yet we are all so underprepared to handle this most exciting and yet most unruly of all emotions. Botton combines the creativity of a novelist with the depth of a philosopher to give us some sage reflections on love. Read it to know what you are going through is perhaps more commonplace than we would like to admit.