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A beautiful love story set in Britain of 200 years ago. See how Elizabeth and Darcy understand and misunderstand each other. And the customs and hypocrisies and chivalry of that age.


Ayn (pronounced eye-in)’s amazing story on individualism and the perfect hero, Howard Roark. Society unfortunately does not accept visionaries and the ‘respected public figures’ may actually be manipulators.

Rand’s magnum opus, and one of the most brilliant paean for capitalism and individualism. When the government tries to be coercive, all productive people go on a strike, led by the mysterious John Galt.

The second oldest western book (llliad by Homer is the oldest, Odyssey is its sequel) is an epic poem recounting how Ulysses, King of Ithaca returns to his kingdom and wife after the fall of Troy. Brilliant story-telling and wonderful depiction of human characters.

Milton’s most famous work, written when he was completely blind. It talks of the biblical story of the fall of Satan and then, tempted by Satan, the original sin of Adam and Eve.

Often called the greatest book ever written, Anna is a married aristocrat who falls for Count Vronsky. Her love, morality, insecurities and indecision are captured magically in the backdrop of the feudal society in Russia struggling to define its own value system.

An endearing story of few aristocratic families and how the French invasion of Russia changes their lives forever. Pierre and Natasha’s love, and her immaturity and then coming of age leaves a deep imprint.